Thursday, June 13, 2013

Post 14


  1. wow! wasn't it just the other day that I left a comment, you've already pumped out a lot of paintings D: great stuff! the very top one reminds me of Prometheus :D
    I've been having trouble expressing landscapes from a pencil sketch to digital in a sketchy style but your sketches here gives me ideas!
    thank you for the inadvertent help by posting your posts :)

  2. Thanks! Im glad some of them are too help!, I will try to upload some more useful stuff explaining maybe a few things I tend to do with my enviroment images at some point.

    Alot of the images are a few month old! I just tend to save some up and than upload them at once :) I couldnt paint that much in a day :D

    But it was a long time ago since last post so I felt like It needed some new stuff and your comment reminded me of the blog.