Monday, November 26, 2012

Post 13


  1. you have such a yummy blog. i've looked through quite a lot of posts. didn't know you was also into animation but when i thinkk back, im sure you did a lil animation of a tank firing and the shot circling back lol. great stuff! :) please add a follow widget or upgrade to the messy google+ so i can keep up to date :)

  2. Thanks alot for your comment!, yes I used to enjoy animation alot a while back around 2007, before I really got into digital painting, never very good at it tho, but it was fun.

    I started learning some more tho last for fun, I was hoping my confidence drawing figures would improve, but probably did not as much as I hoped, but yeh I need more practice on that:).

    I added some Widget's and upgrades I think, but i'm very noob when it comes to that, I hope some of it are to use!